Sunday, March 13, 2011


So I found out the local language I'll be learning is Jaxanke/Malinke.  Apparently they're so similar that my 4 person language group is learning both.  I'm still not sure exactly where my permanent site will be, but I know I'll be in the southeast part of the country, probably in the Kedougou or Tambacounda regions.

This morning I got up at sunrise to run around the soccer stadium with a few other volunteers.  It was beautiful to be up with the sun and be on the track with local runners working out as well.  This afternoon, I went to the Thies market to buy local gifts for my host family.  I'm bringing them tea and sugar!  The market was extremely chaotic, and we met a little boy who helped me and a few friends bargain and get good prices for things.  He was adorable and spoke to us in french.

Tomorrow I'll be taking a bus with other volunteers to M'bour to move in with my host family for the next 9 weeks!  I'm excited and nervous to meet them!  We've been having talks on integrating into the culture, so hopefully I don't make too many embarrassing mistakes!  Next Sunday I'll be back at the training center for a few days to debrief and do some more tech training before returning to my homestay.  So for the next week I probably wont have access to internet.  Hope everything goes smoothly tomorrow!


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  2. That's so exciting that you're learning a new language! I can't wait to hear about your host family and i've always loved listening to little kids speak french, JEALOUS haha